Sunday, June 17, 2012

First NOAA 17 reception

I used the "cheap" solution of RTL2832 as SDR receiver for trying to receive the images from the NOAA weather satellites. The setup was far from ideal: very bad antenna and with very limited receiving angle (<10s of data ?). I was not expecting to receive anything but i got something:

Image received from NOAA with RTL Dongle and SDR using APT.
Image received from NOAA with RTL Dongle and SDR using APT.

Not very promising heh? Well not but this was the first try. There are two images with different wavelength of light, however the reception was so bad  that you can't see any difference. You can see the grid of the map in red color, the Greenland, and the Iceland in the center with green color. There are also a green shape in the bottom right, however i 'm not sure what island is this (UK? Ireland ? The distance is not so far ). The image is from NOAA 17, and i used the HDSDR for recording the satellite transmitted sound and WXtoImg to reconstruct the final image.

Hopping for a better and stronger signal reception in the future. The weather now is rainy (Canada...) and it is not good idea to have all equipment outside.

Update: I was able to receive NOAA 19 with a external TV antenna, SDR# and WXtoImg. For more information you can find here.

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